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Jimmy is a multi-instrumentalist from Brisbane and has always been in a band. Jimmy grew up in a very musical household, one that would put the Von Trap’s to shame but at the age of 13 his father brought home a vintage semi acoustic Rickenbacker bass and that’s when the obsession for music really started.

When his high school band lost their drummer, Jimmy took over, even though he never owned or played on a kit. He played on a drum kit for the first time in front of his entire school much to the surprise to his friends and family. A self-taught musician/fanatic Jimmy Fitz followed his dream to become a one man band of sorts and finally started to play guitar more seriously after his trip to the U.S and the circle was complete.

Along the road Jimmy played with numerous bands from Heavy Metal to Jazz, Blues, Reggae and Electric Soul to name a few. With the release of his first Solo work late 2015, He has never been in more demand, sharing his love for improvisational music as a session musician and also forming and working in his own band. As a father and devoted musician, he always has time for another gig, jam and session, the flame that was ignited 17 plus years ago burns brighter than ever.

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