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Arif is a versatile and much sought-after multi-percussionist. Over the last 15 years, Arif has been turning heads on the local music scene with his infectious percussive sound and flair.

Arif has always had a colourful and diverse musical imagination. His musical roots lie firmly in heavy reggae bass drops, phat ‘70s funk beats, and smooth R&B. His heritage revels in the colour and magic of Bollywood and in the trance-inducing rhythms of Sufi Qawwali music. But his passion lies unequivocally in Latin Music – The Folkloric Afro-Cuban traditions, the seduction of sexy Bossa Novas, the steam-train rhythms of Latin Salsa Bands.
Ask Arif about what a good percussive sound means to him and he’ll tell you about conscious intention and knowing when and when not to fill time and space within a song. Arif’s style reflects his belief that our instruments and our music are natural extensions of ‘Ourselves’. Authenticity comes by listening to the groove in the moment, and conversing with it from the heart.

That is what Arif continually strives for!

With an explosive and visually commanding artillery of Latin percussion instruments and a great feel for the musical moment, Arif loves to work the crowd, mix with the energy and milk the dancefloor with irresistible rhythms.

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