Frequently Asked Questions

At BrisCity DJs we want to simplify your experience as much as possible and keep your mind at ease knowing that you are booking with true professionals. We have performed at 100’s of events over the years and so have compiled a knowledge base of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about our service below. If you should have any further questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-06-15T15:50:34+10:00

Because we have to turn away many potential clients each year due to us being completely booked, we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% to secure the date for your event. In the event you have to cancel within 30 days of your event, we have to bill you for the entire amount due because we could have freed up the date for another client. We rarely have this happen.

When do you arrive to set up for an event?2020-06-15T15:43:52+10:00

Our performers always arrive on-site at least an hour prior to the contracted start time of the event, and earlier as necessitated by the setup requirements of your event.

Can I choose my own music?2020-06-15T15:44:22+10:00

We are more than willing to provide you with a multitude of suggestions based on your preferences, and we’re perfectly comfortable selecting most (or all) of the music if you aren’t interested in doing so. Our extensive knowledge of music enables us to work with your requests and create a mood that reflects your tastes while creating a great atmosphere for all of your guests. Both your DJ and our management team are always available to answer questions or assist you in choosing the songs that will reflect your vision of your special day.

How will I know who my DJ will be, and how do I book that DJ for my event?2020-06-15T15:44:52+10:00

Once you’ve submitted the contact form on our website, we’ll send you a price quote in our very first response. Once you’re ready to be matched with a DJ, just answer a few easy questions and we’ll get you connected with the perfect DJ on our team.

What is included in the price for my event?2020-06-15T15:45:21+10:00

Our standard package for events includes 4, 5 or 6 hours of performance time (additional time is available at a prorated hourly cost), setup time, breakdown time, and ALL equipment, including additional sound systems and wireless microphones for events with up to 200 guests. For events over 200 guests, a custom quote is necessary to ensure your event’s equipment and staffing needs are met. Our flat-rate pricing is refreshingly easy to understand – there are no hidden charges.

What do you require from my event site?2020-06-15T15:45:52+10:00

We require at least one 6-foot banquet table, with linens, and adequate power (120-volt, 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet) within 35 feet of where the DJ will be set up. If your event will occur in multiple spaces (such as a wedding ceremony in another area) then your DJ will need another table and access to electricity in those areas as well. Talk to your DJ about any additional areas that need sound coverage and they can advise you on exactly what they need to make it happen.

What kind of equipment do you use?2020-06-15T15:46:22+10:00

Our performers use the highest quality professional-grade equipment available: Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO, Pioneer DJ Console or RANE Serato computerized DJ systems, Pioneer and RANE mixers and controllers, Bose or JBL speakers, Sennheiser, or Shure microphones. Wireless microphones are always provided by the venue, but the DJ will always have a back up wireless microphone.

How much do you charge?2020-06-15T15:48:07+10:00

Every BrisCity DJs event is unique and we will create a custom quote based on our client needs. Our quote includes not only all the equipment needed for your event such as speakers, wireless microphone, lighting etc but also factors length of event and travel time. For BrisCity DJs pricing, please check our pricing schedule under the ‘Clients’ menu tab on our home page.

Will we talk in person before our wedding?2020-06-15T15:48:34+10:00

No. If you do not have to meet with your DJ before your wedding, email and phone calls are very effective and allow you to plan pretty much everything and choose the music you want played. A face to face meeting can be arranged if needed. around 1-2 weeks before your wedding would be perfect! We are happy to meet and review all the information we’ve been planning with you along with pronunciations of names in your wedding party and any last minute details that may need discussed. We want to make sure we have all the correct information and that it’s fresh in our DJs minds the week of the wedding. If you are happy with communication via email and phone in regards your planning then a meeting may not be required.

How long will you hold our date for us?2020-06-15T15:49:07+10:00

Our dates are assigned on a first come, first served basis. It’s the only way to be fair to the large number of wedding clients that are interested in booking our services. Once you decide you’d like to book us, we will mail you an information form to fill out and send back to us to confirm your booking.

What forms of payment do you accept?2020-06-15T15:49:41+10:00

Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment unless otherwise discussed with our booking agent.

How much of a deposit is required to secure our date?2020-06-15T15:50:07+10:00

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to lock in your selected date. With the remainder to be paid 2 weeks before your event. Once we receive your deposit we will send you a receipt as confirmation.

Can we visit you at a performance?2020-06-15T15:43:20+10:00

Out of respect for the privacy of others on their special day, BrisCity DJs does not permit prospective clients to attend another client’s wedding. However, our references, online testimonials, and the information we provide you in our initial meeting will speak volumes of our experience, style and professionalism.

Will your DJ’s act as the MC?2020-06-15T15:50:58+10:00

Our DJ’s will make basic MC announcements as required by you but will not provide a full MC service . If you prefer to find someone within your circle of friends and family, we can assist them throughout the night to ensure the night progresses as smoothly as possible.

If you don’t have a song, can I bring it myself?2020-06-15T15:51:25+10:00

If for any reason we cannot locate some of your song choices, you may bring your own copy of the songs, as long as they are on a USB. Please check with your allocated DJ prior to the event, to make sure the correct format of music is used for his system. Alternatively, it would be best to send copies of these songs to us at least 2 weeks prior to the event so that the DJ has the correct copy of specific songs you want.

Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?2020-06-15T15:52:35+10:00

Yes we always ensure that there is a backup plan in place. Our equipment is always tested thoroughly before and after use to avoid any potential failures. We will always have a contigency plan in place.

What is the dress code for my DJ?2020-06-15T15:53:05+10:00

Your DJ will be dressed business casual unless required otherwise.

Do you have a wireless microphone?2020-06-15T15:53:32+10:00

Yes. We provide a wireless microphone with a range of up to 20 metres

Can You Customise the Lighting?2020-06-15T15:54:05+10:00

Yes and No, Each DJ would come with a basic lighting setup. In many cases we can customise lighting to suit your needs. This includes specific lighting to suit your coloured theme, a mirror ball and effects lighting. There are optional lighting extras listed under BrisCity DJs ‘Clients’ menu page.

Can I Request a DJ?2020-06-15T15:54:39+10:00

If a DJ is available you can request a DJ of your choice. Unless specified we normally select a DJ that suits your taste in music, which we identify from your submitted information planning forms. We can also supply a DJ that suits a specific genre of music if you need a DJ who is familiar with country, alternative, top 40 or group songs.

What Training and Experience do the DJs Have?2020-06-15T15:55:16+10:00

All of our DJs are professionally trained in both DJ entertainment and public speaking / MC duties. Our wedding DJs have been fully trained in the formalities and responsibilities associated with wedding entertainment and have been providing entertainment during the peak wedding season most weekends for multiple years. We regularly conduct further training and work to achieve the highest standards of entertainment available. We also have a list of standards and procedures that every DJ meets to ensure everything runs smoothly and you can relax knowing we will do our job.

Do We Need to Provide a Meal for the DJ?2020-06-15T15:57:14+10:00

It is standard for most events to provide the DJ with a main meal. This is because the DJ does not take breaks and has no chance to leave for a meal. With setup, pack up and travel, the DJ often works over 8 hours straight. For general functions with a less time scale the DJ generally eats prior to the function.

What if I have more questions?2020-06-15T15:58:26+10:00

If there is something you wish to ask which has not been covered or if you desire more in-depth information, please do not hesitate to email or call or use the contact form for any booking enquiry. It would be our pleasure to provide assistance.

If I book you for certain duration and then decide on the night that I would like you to perform for longer, is that possible?2020-06-15T15:38:02+10:00

We are happy for our DJs to play overtime as long as the venue is happy to stay open. We do ask that you let us know if overtime is a possibility so that we can book your DJ in with the understanding that they may need to work later than planned and also so they can plan their playlist accordingly. The overtime charge is $200 per hour and you can pay in 30-minute increments. It will always be at the DJs discretion and most of the time they will be more than happy to do so.

How do I get a quote from BrisCity DJs?2020-06-15T15:28:19+10:00

Please call, email or fillout our online booking form so that we can give you a call or email you. We believe that every event is unique, so with a call or email we can get a better understanding of your overall vision for your party, corporate event, wedding day or special event and offer a customised entertainment solution.

What if a DJ can’t perform due to sickness or an accident?2020-06-15T15:28:50+10:00

Your special day is a once in a lifetime experience for you and your guests and when we say that we will stand beside you on the day, come what may, we mean it. If we’re slightly sick then we just do what we need to and push through so that we don’t disrupt the event. When serious illness or accident strikes, we have an on call DJ ready with equipment that we can brief and instantly dispatch. As part of our emergency backup system, our DJs take the additional step of preparing the music requests and paperwork for each event on our schedule and uploading them to a shared drive in case of emergency. This enables us to ensure that our clients will have a professional DJ, prepared with their specific music requests and event details, no matter what.

What happens after I make my booking? What next?2020-06-15T15:29:31+10:00

Once you have paid your deposit and been matched with your DJ, they will be very keen to be in touch and will usually call or email with 48h. Start planning!
It’s a good idea to get started early and spent 10 minutes working on a basic song list.
Closer to the day the DJ will need a copy of your running sheet, which will usually be devised in conjunction with your venue supervisor or event planner.
If you need assistance with your song selection or running sheet at any time, just ask.
The more you allow us to assist you, the more we can understand your vision for the day and deliver 10/10 perfection for you on the night.

Can I choose my own music?2020-06-15T15:30:01+10:00

We very much wish for you to choose your own music.
This allows us to create a personal musical experience that is unique to your event.
With your quote, you will find a song request list, just fill that out and send it back to us. We have over 40,000 songs in our current library and if some of your songs are not in our current library we will locate and purchase the exact songs that you want to hear on the day at our cost.

What about songs I do not want played?2020-06-15T15:30:27+10:00

We get you to supply us with a list of “do not play” songs to inform us of music that you think is inappropriate or of a style you don’t like. In a lot of ways, the “do not play” list is as important to us as your definitely play selection because it gives us a deeper insight into your vision for your event.

Will my DJ take requests on the night?2020-06-15T15:30:57+10:00

Ideally, yes. If you allow us to take requests, we will take requests.
It is certainly our preference to do so as then we can tailor the music to the needs of your guests and thus create a more memorable event for you.
We will not play any songs that stray in to the genres of music that we know you don’t like based on your do not play list.

Is there a limit to the amount of music I can request?2020-06-15T15:31:37+10:00

The limit of music we can play is about 16 songs an hour.
We recommend that you choose between 10 and 30 of the songs specifically and let us know the vibe you’re looking for and we can fill the rest of the night with requests from your guests and using our own knowledge as DJs. However, if you wish to select more or less songs than this or dictate exactly what songs you want us to play from start to finish, we respect your choice to do so.

When do I need to submit my music requests and event details?2020-06-15T15:32:11+10:00

Two weeks prior is best and seven days prior is the minimum that we can guarantee we’ll have all the songs on the list ready for you. Its best to send in a list the week prior and then add any last-minute song additions 2-3 days later if required.

How long with the DJ play for?2020-06-15T15:36:03+10:00

We customise each quote for your particular event, so for as long as you need.

Will my DJ start on time and DJ right through to the finish time?2020-06-15T15:37:03+10:00

Yes. The booking time quoted is for actual performance time.
We typically set up one hour prior to performance time, and pack up begins after our allocated performance time is complete. If you need us to set up more than an hour before performance time then please let us know.

Will you need a break?2020-06-15T15:37:30+10:00

No. The music will play continuously all night unless there are speeches, or you request it. If you supply a meal for us, we will eat at our station or return to our station if you prefer us eat back of house.

What makes you different from your competitors?2020-06-15T15:27:33+10:00

From the moment you get in touch we offer a service that is dedicated to helping you create the Ultimate Event with the minimum of fuss. We want you to feel at ease that you have hired true entertainment professionals so you can focus solely on having a great time!. Nothing satisfies us more than walking away from your wedding event or party knowing that you and your friends and family had the night of your lives.

Will our equipment be sound checked?2020-06-15T15:38:24+10:00

We sound check our equipment before it leaves our warehouse and we set up approximately an hour before the event so that we can sound check again before guests enter the room.

Can I use your microphone for our speeches?2020-06-15T15:38:51+10:00

Yes. You have the full use our microphone for the duration of the event. Even if the venue has their own microphones, we will always have ours available as a backup as part of our standard policy.

What will the DJs setup look like at my event?2020-06-15T15:39:20+10:00

Our usual systems consist of 2 speakers and stands, a DJ deck case and 2 lights and presents a very neat picture to your guests. Each DJ has a slightly different setup and we are happy for you to chat to your allocated DJ if you have any further questions regarding their equipment.

Can my DJ supply equipment and play music at our ceremony as well?2020-06-15T15:39:46+10:00

Yes. Just let us know that you need us to assist and we can liaise with you and the celebrant to perform at your ceremony.

What will you wear?2020-06-15T15:40:13+10:00

What you tell us to wear. Our default is smart business casual and we’re happy to change that to be more formal or informal depending on your event. In all cases our attire at weddings and corporate events is always formal attire.

Can I see you working live at an event or wedding?2020-06-15T15:40:40+10:00

Privacy expectations of most Australians means that we don’t allow potential clients to attend the private events of our existing clients. You can view videos of us performing at private functions on our Youtube videos or photo gallery under ‘Clients’ menu bar.

What areas do you service?2020-06-15T15:41:16+10:00

We are based in Brisbane, so we are able to provide DJ and MC service to all areas of Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We are happy to travel wherever you need a DJ. We charge a travel fee for Km’s travelled for places outside of the greater Brisbane area. Accomodation will need to be supplied for functions over 150km from Brisbane. We can also fly interstate and overseas for destination weddings and corporate events when a client who shares our passion for perfection, wants our quality assurance delivered in a remote location.

Do I need to provide my entertainer a meal?2020-06-15T15:41:49+10:00

Yes. Providing a meal to our DJs or artists is very much appreciated, so long as the caterer is charging you for our main course only. If you do feed us it ensures that we’ll be operating at peak function, which gives you better value. We can eat at our DJ console, at a guest table or at a “suppliers table” out of sight of guests, which ever you prefer.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?2020-06-15T15:59:22+10:00

Yes. BrisCity DJs carries a full public liability insurance policy which is now required at many venues. This ensures if something went wrong, you are not liable. We are happy to provide you or your venue with a copy of our insurance policy upon request.

What if BrisCity DJs is already booked for my date?2020-06-15T15:42:56+10:00

For those that wish to engage our services for a date that is already booked, if you wish, we may in some instances, be able to assist by providing details for a select group of professional DJ operators that I have confidence in, and know, will have your best interests at heart.

For more information or to make a booking with BrisCity DJs Party Entertainment please contact us on:
(07) 3325 0102 info@briscitydjs.com or via our online enquiry form

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