DJ Johnny Bio

DJ Johnny B comes to us with a wealth of musical knowledge as a party DJ.

DJ Johnny B has been surrounded by music at an early age and there was never a time when he wouldn’t jump on his father’s record player and take over the music for the party and play records. This gave him exposure to multiple genres and has given him a greater passion and appreciation for music. From Rock to Reggae, 60’s to 80’s 90’s to naughty’s Country to Rockabilly DJ Johnny B can cater for your party’s music.

If you asked him what his favourite genre would be he would say reggae, and this is testament to his upbringing in the 70’s living in the UK. He does love Deep and Progressive House and has plenty of pop and party music to keep you dancing non-stop. He loves taking requests and is versatile and thrives on keeping people dancing all night, no attitude just plenty of fun.

In the 90’s DJ Johnny B was well known in the University and Tafe scene in Melbourne performing at various gigs and at private parties whilst studying to become an IT Professional. Today he lives in Brisbane and is back sharing his musical passion with us. Complete with a Pioneer Record-box DDJRR mixer, sound, smoke and lights he’s well equipped to satisfy your party needs