Jazei was first introduced to a wide variety of music during his early childhood. Growing up he listened to various genres including soul, rnb, hip-hop, electronic, pop, blues and pop rock. He first started practising music during his high school years, taking up singing and song-writing. Gaining inspiration from many popular DJ’s such as Tiesto or Calvin Harris, Jazei decided to further his studies in music when he enrolled in university. During this time Jazei went on to become a music producer, guitarist and DJ, independently releasing original songs as well as an extensive list of remixes and mashups.

What makes Jazei so passionate about performing music is the creative possibilities and the ability to bring joy and energy to his audience.

‘Once you accept the idea that there is literally no limit to what you can do, your opportunities will never run low’

Jazei’s style incorporates chill lounge, electro house, electronic dance, 80’s, 70’s, pop, rock, hip-hop, old school Rnb, pop remixes and old school remixes.